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This page is for our members – to make it worthwhile and relevant we want it to contain information that is useful to you. If you have suggestions about what you would like to see here, please tell our Club Secretary or IT Manager.

Our club has a tradition of maintaining high standards both on and off the green and it is expected all members will strive to maintain this tradition. Aspects to bear in mind include displaying common courtesies, respect, self discipline, punctuality, personal presentation, and helping out around the club whenever possible.

Remember – our club has been awarded GOLD STATUS!


Our Club Handbook: A club handbook is printed every year and contains much useful information including members’ contact details and the playing programme for the season. Keep it handy! A copy of the Bowls Canterbury Handbook is also available to members.

Membership Fees: The membership fee for each class of membership is set at the AGM and is to be paid before you play Club Championship or Interclub games.

New Members: For new members the club operates a “buddy” system, where new members are paired with a current member who will help the new member integrate into the club.

Club Access: Members will be given a special numbered tag to use to gain access to the club. The tag also allows you to access a reward system at the bar.

Coaching: Coaching can be arranged for members.

Lockers: A locker is available to all members.

Club Lounges: Club lounges are available to members all year round. You are welcome to bring your partner, a family member, a friend or especially a potential member!

Selection of Interclub teams: Your selectors will advise of their selected teams at differing times depending on when the games are. For example, Saturday teams will be advised on a Tuesday, mid week teams on a Monday. Teams are listed on the notice board in the Chart Room and are emailed. Selectors try to give all members some inter club games, balancing their selections based on player’s level of play, player availability, form, compatibility, and rotation of players...

If you are unavailable for selection at any time, please put your name on the board in the chart room. Skips must contact team members to confirm their availability and make any necessary transport arrangements.

Equipment: The club has a supply of bowls available for temporary use. They are primarily for Social Bowls Experience use and are kept in the shed near the gate to the park. Grippo, Toucha Spray, Club Caps, and Bowls Papanui Bowls Stickers are available for purchase.

Club Championship matches: if you have arranged a game it must be listed on the board out by the greens and you must play on the allocated rink. In the event of extreme heat check the thermometer in the shelter and vacate the green immediately if the temperature exceeds the stated limit. Singles games must have a marker.

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New Members Special!

Bowls Papanui is offering a special deal for anyone wishing to join our club as a new member.

If you are a bowler wishing to change clubs, or you are wanting to take up the great game of lawn bowls, we offer HALF PRICE full membership for your first year, a FREE club shirt, and a club jacket to use while you remain a full member.

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Our Sponsors

Bowls Papanui is fortunate to have some great sponsors for whom we are really appreciative. If you or your business would consider sponsorship we have a range of options and budgets, and we strongly encourage our members to support those who support us.
Give Shelley Jenkins a call on: 021322049.